Your VW Roof Rack is a copy of the Original German Design, yet it's one of a kind.  There are no two that are exactly alike because each one is individually made by hand.  We hope you will enjoy your Rack.

Here are some tips to follow, to prolong the life of your roof rack:

    • Garage your car whenever possible
    • Keep rack away from moisture; hand dry if rack gets wet
    • Use furniture polish to help maintain the wood slats
    • For more durable protection of the wood, we recommend Varathane
      (high gloss, clear, offers UV protection and is waterproof), or
      Marine clear varnish
    • For powder coated racks, use car wax to prolong the life and shine
    • For chrome racks, use a chrome wax polisher for protection
    • For best results, maintenance should be done every 3 to 6 months,
      depending on your environment

    • For stainless steel locks, keep rubber cap on at all times to prevent water or
      dirt damage.


Please read warranty policy for Chrome and powder coat roof racks.

What Does This Warranty Cover?

This warranty covers any malfunctions, defects, or damage to oak slats, locks, clamps, and welds only.

How Long Does The Coverage Last?

For chrome roof racks, this warranty is effective for two years from the date of purchase of your roof rack.  One year for silver powder coat.

What Will ForeignConceptsVW Do?

ForeignConceptsVW will replace any defective or malfunctioning part at no charge. You must pay for any shipping charges.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?

This warranty does not cover any problems caused by abuse, misuse, normal wear and tear, rust, inclement weather, or other natural disasters. We do not have replacement keys for locks.

How Do You Get Service?

In order to receive service under this warranty, please call 714-357-8875 or email us at [email protected]. Proof of purchase is required.